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The next version of Mozilla Firefox for Linux will use client-side decoration (CSD) by default.

Firefox CSD has been available in Linux builds for a while now, but on an entirely opt-in basis.

Users who want to combine their browser’s title bar and tab bar presently need to go out of their way to check a box in the Customize… panel.

But not for much longer.

Mozilla plan to ship Firefox 66 with client-side decoration by default on Linux; users will no longer need to do anything to turn it on.

Those who want to turn Fiefox CSD off will be able to do so by checking a box in — you guessed it — the Customize… panel.

Do you use Firefox CSD?

Firefox Linux CSD screenshot

Enabling the combined titlebar/tab bar in Firefox is one of the very first things I do after installing Ubuntu. Client side decorations make better use of screen space, combining the application’s main toolbar with its window title bar, fitting more on the screen.

And the streamlined appearance is even better now than Firefox’s GTK CSD is able to draw rounded corners!

But not everyone is a fan. Some say adhering to GTK CSD on Linux creates disparity on or lack of integration with non-GTK desktops, like Plasma and LXQt.

Do you use Firefox CSD? Will you be turning it off after updating to the Firefox 66? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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