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An updated version of mConnect, the GNOME extension that helps you integrate your Android device with the Linux desktop, is now available.

Rolling out on the GNOME Extensions site now, the update adds minor improvements to the Android-ingratiating add-on, including support for keyboard shortcuts, and tooltips to provide helpful pointers about its various features.

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to on per-device basis. If you use multiple Android devices with both this indicator and the underlying engine that powers it, you’ll find this upgrade especially useful. The Keyboard Shortcuts page on the project’s Github wiki has more information.

Elsewhere the extension improves device scanning. Automatic timeouts have been added to reconnecting to and discovering of devices, rather than requiring you to stop and start the process manually.

Eagle-eyed users will spot a few updated icons here and there, while support for simulated two-way SMS conversations makes the process of reading and sending texts a little easier.

Our earlier article has all the details you’ll need to get KDE Connect and mConnect set-up and talking, so do check it out if this post has piqued your interest.

Otherwise hit the button below to install it on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later running GNOME 3.20 or later.

MConnect on GNOME Extensions

This extension is an alternative to the KDE Connect Indicator available for the Unity desktop.

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