hyper terminal star wars theme stormtrooper

Star Wars fans can use the The Force to assist them with apt upgrades and exiting vim thanks to a new set of terminal themes from a Github far, far away…

Designed for Hyper, the terminal emulator built using web technologies we mentioned at the end of last year, the themes change the terminal background design to show one of 24 iconic characters from the Star Wars saga, including Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and spherical cutie BB8.

Fans can also choose to color the Hyper window border and tab bar to match that of their chosen character background.

And if that’s not enough then a lightsaber mode can be enabled. This will make the Hyper terminal’s mouse cursor, tab bar & scroll bar glow.

Get Hyper & This Theme

To use these themes you’ll need to install the Hyper terminal.

Head over to the Hyper website to learn more about the app. You can download Hyper for 64-bit Ubuntu and other Linux distros, as well as installers for macOS and Windows, from the project’s Github releases page:

View Hyper Releases on Github

To make use of the Star Wars Hyper terminal theme (and learn more about its configuration options) do zip on over to Github. There you’ll find more information, screenshots, and install instructions in the read me.

Star Wars Hyper Theme on Github

Bonus Tip: Hyperline

hyperline terminal plugin

On a semi-related note, if you’re using Hyper and want to keep an eye on resource usage, I highly recommend installing the hyperline extension (pictured above, courtesy of NPM Install). This plugin adds a status bar to the bottom of the Hyper terminal to relay network connection, real-time memory use, uptime, CPU load (in %) and network activity.


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