etcher image writer for usb and sdcards

A bunch of handy new features and bug fixes recently landed in Etcher, the open-source, cross-platform image writing tool.

In this post I’m going to run you through a few of the more notable additions, though feel free to peruse the full change-log yourself for more details.

You’ll now see image name, drive name, and a relevant icon (where supported) in Etcher’s desktop notifications — perfect for when you’re writing an image in the background.

Etcher 1.1 also adds support for writing .sdcard images. This compliments the app’s existing support for uncompressed .iso and .img, compressed .img.xz, .iso.gz and archive images as .zip.

You’ll see more informative image writing error screens when things stuff up; you’ll now see a warning when trying to write an image that has no partition table; and some ‘minor style improvements’ have been made to the image write success screen.

Fedora users will be pleased to hear that Etcher RPM packages are now available, while Linux users who opt to run the .AppImage builds can, once again, flash as normal.

Privacy minded folks will be less than thrilled to hear that the app now relays anonymous stats about package types back to Etcher devs.

There’s also a fix for “cleanup drive detection temporary scripts in GNU/Linux and macOS”.

More information is available on the Etcher Github page. If you want to try the app out you can read how to install Etcher on Ubuntu.

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