corebird 1.5 on ubuntu

An update to desktop Linux Twitter app Corebird is available for download.

Corebird 1.5 features with a modest set of improvements, including a redesigned account wizard and the ability to quickly save media attachments in tweets using right-click > “Save As”.

new features in corebird 1.5

The update also sees the app keep pace with recent Twitter API changes, so @ usernames no longer count towards the 140-character limit in replies (though usernames still count towards the limit when composing a tweet from scratch).

You can also reply to multi-person tweets of up to 50 users via the reply feature:

Regularly reply to someone with a meme or gif? The tweet compose window in Corebird 1.5 has a favourites palette. Here you can add and pick often sent images to quickly add them to tweets

corebird 1.5: fave images

On the subject of images, this update kits the media viewer out with Previous/Next buttons, ideal for quickly paging through tweets with multiple images.

corebird media buttons

Finally, this update to Corebird for Linux now lets you send direct messages to yourself.

Now, before you scoff, I know this feature isn’t necessarily a major addition, but it does make it easy to send yourself a quick reminder, a link, etc.  Although the Twitter’s API allows you to direct message images Corebird is yet to plumb this feature in.

Other changes include

  • Removal of Vine support
  • Text selection in DMs
  • Verified badges re-instated
  • --account parameter to open window for given account only

Corebird is free, open-source software. You’ll find more information on its official website and its Github page.

Older versions of Corebird are available through the Ubuntu repos via Ubuntu Software on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above.

Corebird 1.5 is available to install as a Snap app on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or later. Install it by running:

sudo snap install corebird

Corebird 1.5 is also available to install from PandaJim’s Corebird PPA (64-bit installers below) for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ubuntu 16.10 and 17.04:

Download Corebird 1.5 for Ubuntu 17.04 (64-bit)

Download Corebird 1.5 for Ubuntu 16.10 (64-bit)

Download Corebird 1.5 for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64-bit)

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