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A brand new stable release of Wine is available to install on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS through 17.04 — but you’ll need to add the new Wine repository to get it.

We’ll show you how to add the new Wine repository on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above in just a bit, but first a little bit about the latest Wine Stable release.

Wine 2.0.1

Wine 2.0.1 serves as the first point release in the Wine 2.0 stable series, which was released earlier this year. Various bug fixes and general improvements feature as part of this update, including crash fixes and performance tweaks for a number of games and apps, including

  • Need For Speed
  • Magic: The Gathering Online 4.0
  • Venom Codename: Outbreak
  • ComicRack 0.9.x
  • Odallus The Dark Call
  • Git for Windows
  • Marvel Heroes 2015 launcher
  • DirectDraw games
  • UnrealEngine4 games

The update also correctly detects the GeForce GT 525M as the GeForce GT 525M; gains GPU information for AMD FIJI; and deprecates the Wine install tool.

New Wine Repository

The official Wine repository is no longer hosted on Launchpad, which means the official Wine PPA is no longer being updated.

To install Wine in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later you will need to add the new Wine repository to your software sources on Ubuntu (or derivatives). This new repo offers both development versions and stable versions of Wine — only install or upgrade the one you mean to!

The Wine install instructions that follow are from the Wine HQ website. I do not use Wine so I cannot tell you how well the latest version works with {random app} — but feel free to use the comments to see if other users can help.

Add New Wine Repository to Ubuntu

There are a couple of ways in which you can add the new Wine repository to Ubuntu. We’re going to walk you through the fastest way, which is by using the command line.

First things first: if you’re running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu you need run this command first as Wine is a 32-bit application:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

Open a new Terminal window and run this command to add the new Wine repo to Ubuntu’s Software Sources:

sudo apt-add-repository ''

Next, download and install the Wine repo security key so that packages from the repo can be authenticated:

wget && sudo apt-key add Release.key

Finally, install (or upgrade) Wine 2.0.1 stable by running this command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install winehq-stable

You should now be all set up with the freshest Wine available. If you encounter any dependency errors (which often happened with the old PPA) the Wine HQ wiki recommends installing them as needed and then re-running the ‘update && install’ command above.