Hold on to your racing seats: SuperTuxKart is on Steam Greenlight!

Yup, the iconic open-source karting game is hoping to rev up enough interest to snatch a space amid the shelves of the Steam games store.

“After a lot of requests and months of hard work we are launching SuperTuxKart on Steam Greenlight,” the team explain in a blog post (in which they also cite some of your comments from this site).

What Is Steam Greenlight?

Not familiar with Steam Greenlight? It’s (currently) a way for games developers to submit their game for distribution on Steam. Gamers can then vote up the titles they want to see made available via Steam.

SuperTuxKart’s timing couldn’t be better: Steam is in the process of ditching Steam Greenlight in favour of a ‘pay to submit your game’ model — a move that has some in the open-source and indie gaming communities worried.

“We think it’s important for the future of SuperTuxKart and Open Source games in general to be able to reach new players. It will increase SuperTuxKart’s visibility, bringing new players and potentially new contributors,” the developers hind the kart racing game say in a blog post.

And unless they can afford the $5,000 application fee for Steam Direct, Greenlight may be their only avenue…

Vote SuperTuxKart on Steam Greenlight

With over 3,000 Linux games available on Steam it’s fair to say things are in ruder health than ever. We may all wow and awe at the latest AAA titles to land on Lunux near-monthly, but wouldn’t it be stellar to see love lavished on one of the most fun, FOSS and frequently updated Linux games around?

I think so, and if you do too you can show your support and vote for SuperTuxKart on Steam Greenlight at the link below.

Vote for SuperTuxKart on Steam Greenlight

Btw, regardless of whether SuperTuxKart makes the shelves of the Steam store or not one thing is certain: the game will remain totally open-source and available elsewhere, including the package archives of many popular distributions.

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