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It’s been a busy few week for Mesa related news, and today is no exception as Mesa 17.0 is now officially available. 

Mesa 17.0.0 is the first release with the new year-based versioning system (it would’ve been Mesa 13.1.0 otherwise).

But the bug version jump is perhaps a little justified too. Mesa 17.0 is a notable update to the 3D graphics library and brings (among other things, see below) OpenGL 4.5 support for Intel Haswell, better performance when running Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on RadeonSI, and improved Intel Vulkan performance.

Other changes highlighted in thee Mesa 17.0.0 release announcement:

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Vulkan drivers:
 - Correctly return (and implement) VK_INCOMPLETE on multiple WSI queries
 - Support for the VK_KHR_sampler_mirror_clamp_to_edge extension
 - We now use the Khoronos vk.xml file to generate the entrypoints

 - HiZ and performance improvements
 - Float64 support and tessellation shader support.

 - Support multiple devices
 - Support for the VK_AMD_draw_indirect_count extension
 - Support for the VK_AMD_negative_viewport_height extension

 - Android: Use gralloc::lock_ycbcr for resolving YUV formats
 - Android: Support for pbuffer surfaces

Mesa core:
 - Noticeable refactoring en route to GLSL Shader Cache
 - Groundwork for int64

 - OpenGL 4.5 support on Haswell hardware
 - Reuse the same BLORP and ISL code as the ANV driver

 - HUD: A number of race issues and memory leaks were resolved.

 - New driver for Vivante GPU IP

 - Support for a5xx

 - OpenGL 4.3 support on Maxwell hardware
 - Improved performance due to instruction pipelining (Maxwell)

 - VCE: Handle H.264 level 5.2
 - Polaris12 support
 - Dozens of performance improvements

 - Implement clGetExtensionFunctionAddressForPlatform.
 - Add missing clGetDeviceInfo CL1.2 queries

 - Use dri3 to directly send the buffer to X

 - Building RADV requires --enable-gallium-llvm
 - Compatibility fixes for building mesa as part of ARC
 - The vulkan headers vk_platform.h and vulkan.h are no longer installed
 - A couple of configure options (--with-sha1 and --disable-shader-cache) are removed alongside their respective library requirements.


Source packages are already available. If you’re using a PPA to get Mesa updates you’ll need to check with its maintainer as to when/if you can expect to be upgraded.

Ubuntu 17.04, due in April, will ship with Mesa 17 support and, as we recently reported,  this will be back ported to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in due course.

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