emoji gnome extension

You folks must think that I’m obsessed with Emoji, but you’d be …No, you’d be absolutely right about that.

Actually, I don’t overuse the popular pictorial glyphs that dominate daily communication. But I do appreciate being able to find the one I want to use in a timely manner.

The precisely named Emoji Selector for GNOME extension is a tool that lets me, and you, do just that. It’s an interactive emoji picker for GNOME desktops.

Or, if I were to be less colourful about it, it’s a menu; a menu full of emoji.

When you want to convey a particular emotion, sentiment or add some well-timed emphasis to a tweet, just bash open the menu, click through to find the emoji character you want to use, and then click on it to copy it to your clipboard, ready to paste elsewhere.

Simple stuff.

To see color emoji (or better delineated black and white line-art ones) you’ll need to install the Emoji One font (or similar).

The Emoji Selector on GNOME extension is free, open-source, and available to install from the GNOME Extension website:

Emoji Selector on GNOME Extensions Website

Other Emoji selector/picker/finder apps we’ve highlighted include Emoji Picker indicator applet (ideal for Unity) and Emoj, a terminal-based Emoji app (ideal for CLI addicts). Hopefully we’ll see something that’s as seamless as the Fedora 25 emoji picker arrive on more desktops soon.

Download emoji GNOME Extensions