intel logotypeThe Intel Linux graphics driver tool has been updated to support Ubuntu 16.10 and Fedora 24. 

The Intel Graphics Update Tool for Linux v2.0.3 offers up the latest Intel 2016Q3 graphics stack.

You’re not misreading things. The tool does have a new-name (it was renamed for its v2.0.2 release ‘in order to more accurately reflect the purpose of the tool’).

This kernel, driver and module pack offers a number of technical sounding improvements — deep breath — including:

  • Atomic watermark update support for Ironlake to Broadwell
  • Color management improvements
  • Fixes for DiRT Showdown and Bioshock on Broadwell devices
  • MESA 12.0.1
  • Xorg Xserver v1.18.3
  • Vulkan improvements


You can download the Intel Graphics Update Tool 2.0.3 from the Intel open-source group’s website. As mentioned above, the tool supports Ubuntu 16.10 and Fedora 24.

Earlier version of Ubuntu are no longer supported by the tool — and yes, that does include the most recent LTS release. Intel say to ‘upgrade to a more recent version of your OS distribution if you want to take advantage of this release’.

Download the Intel Graphics Update Tool v2.0.3

Please, please pay close attention to the list of known issues, caveats and install info on the downloads page. Take heed the advice to not force-installing packages.

Although the tool does offer Linux users a handy way to get the latest Intel graphics stack, it also has a reputation for breaking things without due diligence.

If in doubt, don’t play about!

Thanks to Paul S!

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