papirus-icons-updateThe Papirus GTK icon theme is my favourite icon set, and the one you’ll spot most often in screenshots on this site.

But did you also know that it’s available for KDE Plasma desktop too?

That’s right. If you’re running Kubuntu, Netrunner or any other Ubuntu-based distribution running Plasma 5 you can install the Papirus icon set for KDE.

You get the exact same (largely flat) application icons, mime types and symbolic icons, but tailored for and compatible with the KDE desktop.

To install the KDE version of Papirus icon set on Kubuntu (or another Ubuntu-based distro) open a new Konsole terminal window and run the following command:

wget -qO- | sh

Unlike the Ubuntu Unity desktop (which ships without an easy way to switch icon theme) you can change icon theme on Kubuntu very easily.

Head to System Settings > Appearance > Icons and select the ‘Papirus‘ icon theme from the list.

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