Most of you reading this know what Unity 8 is. You know what it’ll (roughly) look like. And you’ll know the problems it’s trying to solve.

But sometimes, simply knowing what it’s all about is a bit too static. Shouting “OMG! Apps built with adaptive page layouts that work intelligently across multiple form factors!” may make you sound wonderfully informed, but it does little to impress.

Which is exactly what this short video of a timer app built for Ubuntu Touch ably does.

First up: it’s being demoed on the Bq M10 tablet — a device that didn’t have the easiest of debuts thanks to an undercooked OTA, so-so hardware and pitiful public demonstrations.

To see apps and interface elements running smoothly on this device is a definite relief. Recent over-the-air updates have helped patch up and fill in much of what disappointed early buyers.

Secondly: it’s great to see that developers are working on making converged apps that work in ‘desktop mode’.

And here’s the same app being demoed with keyboard support:

Video Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition