I recently decided that I needed to find a way to quickify (totally legit word) the process of uploading large screenshots to Imgur.

As I scouted around various nifty scripts and apps and extras I happened across an awesome little tool called Imgur-Screenshot.

Llike the name should already tell you, Imgur-Screenshot is a screenshotting tool that automatically uploads snaps to the (popular, rad, amazing) Imgur image hosting service.

imgur-screenshot gif

The tool is cross-distro and cross-platform. It’s also pretty powerful, with advanced command line arguments available.

For me I like that it can upload any image (not just screenshots) to Imgur. That saves me time when, as in this post, I’ve a large image I need to host externally (to help me keep the site up).

If you’re an avid screen snapper I seriously suggest you check it out. It’s totally free, totally open-source and totally awesome.

Features include:

  • Upload screenshot or image files
  • Copies Imgur link to clipboard
  • Upload anonymously or add account
  • Create and add to albums
  • Filename, link, and deletion link history is stored
  • Local screenshot deleted
  • Native upload notifications

Install and Use

To use this utility on Linux you’ll need a couple of dependencies pre-installed, including curl, grep, libnotify-bin, scrot and xclip.

Chances are you have most, if not all, of these dependencies already installed. But it never hurts to check:

sudo apt install curl grep libnotify-bin scrot xclip

Next download the latest release of the script from GitHub

Download Imgur-Screenshot.sh from Github

Give the script permission to run and then, from the terminal, run it.

As soon as it loads your mouse pointer will become a selection tool. Simply click and drag to snap your chosen section of the screen and let go to take and upload.

You can also bind the script to a keyboard shortcut if you wish, that way a simple key press will instantly trigger it.

Learn more about Imgur-Screenshot on GitHub

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