dr doomIt’s been said before and will be said again – it’s not so much that people hate gaming in Linux, it’s that there’s nothing to play in Linux.

E3 2016 promises to be the year it all changes, the year in which a golden age of Linux gaming seizes the globe with near indecent fervour.

There’s only one problem – it’s not E3 yet! So what’s an eager (and sometimes beleaguered) gaming base of Linux users to do?

Well, you could always consider some Linux compatible games that have already been released in 2016! In this series, I’ll provide more than enough games to while away the hours anxiously awaiting E3’s glorious potential payload of Linux games.

Without further ado, let’s take it away with the first on the list, which I promise is not bologna.

Iron Snout

A game as simple and delicious as bacon itself, “Iron Snout” by indie developer SnoutUp plays like a fun, cartoonish alternative to other strategic button mashers like “One Finger Death Punch”.

Using just the left and right mouse buttons you turn your little porcine buddy into a refined killing machine, going whole hog on a pack of villainous wolves. Villainous wolves who want to turn you into bacon sandwiches. To achieve this end they are not content with their nature given weapons of claws, fangs, and fury.

No, these particular mercenaries in wolves’ clothing come at you increasingly armed. Are you more intimidated by the ham-fisted rocket-riders or the amorous cupids?

That’s for you to decide.

No, I wasn’t kidding. No, I’m not sorry.

Without a complex storyline or intense graphics, “Iron Snout” still brings home the bacon with non-stop action. The one minute timer is surprisingly hard to reach, the fast pace keeps players welded to the screen and hungry for pixellated punishment.

Almost everything the game throws at you (literally, the wolves chuck weapons at you) can be grabbed and then used against the onslaught, including body parts of the fallen.

Maybe it’s just me, but any game that lets me go hog-wild and smash my enemies with my enemies is going to get a little bit of play time.

With enough practice, you too can become the little piggy who whooped ass all the way home.

With more combo moves than a “Streetfighter” tournament, this easy-to-understand yet difficult-to-master game provides escalating difficulty to all levels of player skill.

You can also take a break with your friend for some volleyball.  Well, volleyball with hatchets and explosions and wolves because why not! SnoutUp continues to work towards more levels and more options, all the while keeping “Iron Snout” a free-to-play game.

While some argue that “the good games” for Linux won’t show up til pigs fly, I propose that good plays are already here… You just gotta sniff ‘em out like the hidden truffles of gaming goodness they are!

Stay tuned for more games to be posted during the days leading up to E3 2016.

What Linux games do you play? Reply below, or write me on my Twitter or Facebook.

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