The music app spanning devices

Most of us have a good handle on what Ubuntu ‘convergence’ is (or what we think it is). 

But it never hurts to have a big ol’ reminder.

And the video we’re cushioning with over wrung sentences is just that: an appetiser for great things to come.

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It’s a good job we can eat with our eyes.

Music App: Convergence

With Convergence and Unity 8, Ubuntu is focusing on providing a platform that allows app developers to build universal apps that can adapt seamlessly between devices.

One app, one codebase, but different faces depending on its use.

Convergence capabilities are in their infancy, and app developers are yet to take advantage of the unified use-case in their mobile apps (few developers seem to be targeting Ubuntu Touch at all, to be frank).

Work may be slow but convergent apps are out there.

This video from Ubuntu Touch developer Popescu Sorin shows the Ubuntu touch Music App.

When the app is opened on a mobile device you see a mobile app, but when it’s opened on a desktop you see a quasi-desktop app.

It’s perhaps the best demonstration of ‘converged apps’ thus far, with the app seamlessly re-tailoring its view based on the amount of screen space available.

Exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Ubuntu Convergence Video music app