snaps in the ubuntu software store app
Snaps inside the Software app

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ships with several changes, including a new Software app and a new package format called Snappy. 

Today sees the former of the changes add support for the latter: you can now search, browse, install and remove Snap apps using the new Ubuntu Software app.

Prior to today’s update you needed to use the command line to install Snappy apps on Ubuntu 16.04.

Snap, Crackle, But Not Finished

Apologies; I hadn’t noticed the update currently only applies to those with xenial-proposed enabled. The package is not yet in the main Ubuntu archive.

As this is only the first stable-release-update of GNOME Software the Snappy backend implementation isn’t perfect.

For one, not every Snap available to install is shown, just those with a GUI.

When installing a Snap you’re asked to sign in with your Ubuntu One account. This isn’t a big deal as most of us have one (on the Ubuntu Phone you can’t install Touch apps without one). Snaps do not require Ubuntu One authentication when installed from the Terminal.

Finally there’s is no way to see only Snaps — a feature addition I suspect many curious users would like to see added.

To see a list of Snaps available to install you run:

sudo snap find

To install a Snap app you run:

sudo snap install name-of-app

And to install an update to an already installed Snap app:

sudo snap refresh name-of-app

Apps distributed in the new format are listed alongside apps from the regular repositories.

The new Snap backend allow “searching for a snap (e.g “hello-world”) and installing it should prompt for u1 credentials and successfully install.”

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