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lplayer - a minimalistic audio player

LPlayer is a new, minimal audio player for Linux

Sometimes I want listen to a couple of podcast episodes or audio tracks back-to-back, without the hassle of adding them to my media library. LPlayer could be the minimalist audio player for Linux that I’ve been […]

15 March 2018
pithos linux app

New Version of Linux Pandora Client ‘Pithos’ Released

A new release of open-source Linux Pandora client Pithos is now available for download.

28 July 2016

See Ubuntu Convergence in Action With This Music App

Most of us have a good handle on what Ubuntu ‘convergence’ is (or what we think it is).  But it never hurts to have a big ol’ reminder. And the video we’re cushioning with over wrung sentences is just […]

29 April 2016