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framework laptop

Framework’s Innovative Modular Laptop is Available to Pre-Order

Want a laptop that encourages you to upgrade, repair, and replace parts? If so, check out the Framework laptop which is now available to preorder in the US.

13 May 2021
fairphone running android

The Fairphone 2 Running Ubuntu Will Be On Show at MWC17

Mobile World Congress 2017 kicks off in late February, and Canonical is, once again, going to be in attendance. But although there are unlikely to be any shiny new Ubuntu phones and tablets to show off, Ubuntu […]

18 January 2017

Fairphone 2 Ubuntu Touch Convergence Video

Earlier this week we saw Canonical demo wireless display on the Bq M10 tablet — but it's not the only device capable of cable-free convergence.

20 July 2016
fairphone running android

Ubuntu Fairphone 2 Port Is Coming Along Nicely

The community port of Ubuntu Touch for the Fairphone 2 handset is progressing nicely.

10 July 2016
fairphone running android

Fairphone Fans Show Strong Interest in Ubuntu Phone Port

Would a working Ubuntu Phone port for the Fairphone 2 make you more likely to buy one?

28 February 2016

Sony Xperia Z1, OnePlus One Can Now Run Ubuntu Phone

Canonical say community Ubuntu Phone ports for the Sony Xperia Z1 and OnePlus One handsets will be 'showcased' at its booth at Mobile World Congress next week.

19 February 2016
fairphone running android

This Is The Fairphone 2 Running Ubuntu

Ubuports' Marius Gripsgård has shared a photograph (right) of Ubuntu running on his Fairphone 2, a port expected to make an appearance at MWC 2016.

9 February 2016

Canonical To Demo OnePlus & Sony Devices Running Ubuntu

Phones from Sony, OnePlus and Fairphone will be demonstrated running Ubuntu (Touch) later this month, we can reveal.

5 February 2016
fairphone running android

Fairphone ‘Exploring’ Switch to Ubuntu Touch

Supporting Android longterm is proving a headache. Could an alternative OS like Ubuntu be the cure?

16 September 2015