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A new release of the Intel Graphics Installer for Linux has been made available for download. 

Version 0.7 of the tool, which aims to provide Ubuntu and Fedora users with a simple way to upgrade their “graphics stack” to get the most from their Intel hardware, will no longer perform major xserver-xorg upgrades as part of the update process. This change should solve many of the issues encountered by many over the past year.

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At present only Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Fedora 20 are supported by version 0.7 installer with the 2014 Q3 graphics stack that debuted back in September. 

Support for Ubuntu 14.10 is likely to arrive with the release of the 2014Q4 stack, due in December.

Download The Intel Graphics Installer

It’s important to mention that Linux Mint (and other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions) are not supported by the installer. The Intel Open Source Technology Center team say they do not have the manpower, resources or time to cater for, test, debug and support a myriad of alternatives.

Installers and more information can be found at the link below.

Download Intel Graphics Installer for Linux 0.7

Thanks Magnus! 

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