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Ubuntu User Survey Results Reveal Some Interesting Things

Ubuntu has shared the results of a user survey that close to 22,000 people took part in. Feedback included calls for better gaming support and more Snaps.

24 April 2020

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Survey Launched — You Can Help Shape Ubuntu’s Future

Ubuntu turned 15 this year and is still going strong — but what next for the leading desktop Linux distribution? Well, to find out Canonical has launched a brand new user survey. The responses collected […]

9 December 2019

2014 Ubuntu Community Survey Wants Your Thoughts on Unity

Pause that YouTube video and stop munching on that sandwich: the Ubuntu Community Survey 2014 has gone live, and your help is required.

6 March 2014

Ubuntu Community Survey Needs Your Help

Got a spare 3 minutes? Why not be a helpful so-and-so and take part in this bi-annual Ubuntu Community Survey?

21 April 2013

[Reader Help] Take This Short Ubuntu Beta Survey

Are you using Ubuntu 12.10 Beta? Whether you answered yes or no your input is wanted by one of our readers, Nathan H., who is gathering some stats on who does and doesn't use Ubuntu's beta releases.

14 September 2012
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Have You Taken The Ubuntu User Survey?

Assumptions about Ubuntu users and their preferences are made on a daily basis. From “They hate Unity” to “No-one wants to use Ubuntu TV.” But with the launch of the Ubuntu User survey you can […]

11 March 2012