3-logo1Mobile Network ‘3’ appears to be the latest addition to Canonical’s Carrier Advisory Group.

The company’s logo appears on the CAG section of the official Ubuntu website.

But, this appearance aside, official confirmation of CAG membership by either 3 or Canonical has yet to be made.

About 3

Three is far from being the biggest mobile network in the UK, where it has picked up nearly 9 million customers since launching as the nations first 3G service back in 2003.

But worldwide the network has a more notable presence, with the Hutchison Whampoa-owned company operating in several other countries, including Ireland, Austria, and Hong Kong.

About the CAG

The CAG allows mobile networks interested in Ubuntu Touch for mobiles the chance to preview, discuss and influence development.

Membership of the CAG is not the same as committing to offer devices. That said, members do get confidential information on handsets, release dates and other launch information to help persuade them to do so.

If the addition of 3 is confirmed then it will be joining a 13-strong list of carriers who have shown interest in the fledgling upstart OS.

Hat tip to Shane Fagan 
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