The Ubuntu Edge fundraiser has raised over $2 million in less than 12 hours.

Canonical’s crowd-funding campaign for a top-of-the-line Ubuntu ‘Super Phone‘ has attracted over 4000 backers so far. Between them they have pledged in excess of  total $2,000,000.

The milestone prompted Canonical CEO Jane Silber to comment: ‘I reckon that’s a crowdfunding record’.

$2 million down, $30 million to go

For Ubuntu Edge to become a reality the project needs to raise $32 million by August 21st. Should it fall short by just a single cent  Canonical will get nothing, backers won’t be charged, and no Ubuntu Edge phones will be produced.

Of the 4,000 or so backers nearly 3,500 have pledged $600 as part of Canonical’s one-day-only early-bird offer for an Ubuntu Edge phone.

After all 5,000 of these perks are sold (or the 24 hour window expires) future backers will need to pledge $830 or more to ‘pre-buy’ a device, pencilled in for release in May 2014.

Tier Options

  • $20 – Founder
  • $600 – Ubuntu Edge (first 24 hours/5000 only)
  • $830 –  Ubuntu Edge
  • $10,000 – One of the first 50 Ubuntu Edge handsets
  • $80,000 – Enterprise bundle incl. 100 Ubuntu Edge handsets
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