Longing to try the professional-grade video editor Lightworks on Linux? Well, you don’t have long to wait. 

The first public beta release of the linux build of Lightworks is scheduled for April 30th.

No obscure sign-up forms or limited time-frames to apply this time, just straight-up public availability.

Of course I should temper enthusiasm: Lightworks has a habit of promising release dates only to see them slip. Indeed, this new date of April 30th is, in fact, a readjustment to the original release schedule.

But as Lightworks is an awesome product with an awesome end-goal (being open-source) we can forgive a few slip-ups here and there.

The company do seem pleased with the results of their limited Linux Alpha program, calling it ‘very successful’.

A video demoing features of the Linux client was released by Editshare, the company behind the app, back in March.

Have you tried the Lightworks Alpha? Are you excited for its arrival on Linux? Share your enthusiasm – or curb our own – in the comments below.

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