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New Lightworks Video Shows Off Progress on Linux Client

Work Hasn't Been Faster Than Light, But It Is Progressing...

Lightworks for Linux

Lightworks has been in an exclusive limited-access beta for Linux for several months

Yes, it seems like a lifetime ago that Lightworks first gave word of its plans to port itself to Linux and open-source its codebase. 

The move sees the editor, used in the editing of many a Oscar-winning film, become the first (and so far only) professional-grade video tool on the platform.

But progress has been slow – though understandably so given the project’s huge code-base.

And despite recent mis-communications over access to betas, short-lapse windows of access, and expired deadline dates, work on Lightworks for Linux strides ever forward – as this following new video shows….

If the video has whetted your appetite then you’ll be pleased to know that a public beta testing programme for the app is due very, very soon….