Ubuntu 1304’s default wallpaper has been unveiled – some 5-ish months ahead of schedule!

The new design won’t shock the socks off anyone; it’s the same ‘subtle evolution‘ schtick that’s been happening for the last 6 versions – but hey, familiarity can be cool, too.

Ubuntu design team member John Lea, in unveiling the updated drape, said:

“We have got the 13.04 wallpaper ready ahead of schedule, so we might as well get it in the distro now”

And it’s hard to argue with that logic.

Download Ubuntu 13.04 Default Wallpaper

You can download a huge-ass sized version of the wallpaper by hitting the download button below.

Download Ubuntu 13.04 Default Wallpaper

Will it stay default? Is this all a ruse? Am I being conspiratorial? Time will tell… 

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