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To Do App ‘Nitro’ Hits Ubuntu Software Center

The insanely handy task management app Nitro has finally hit the Ubuntu Software Center. And no, you're not misunderstanding: for despite its creation way back in April, it has taken a fair ol' while for the application to get approved, published, and stocked on the shelves of the Software Center..

28 November 2012
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NitroTasks Update Adds Theme, Feature Improvements

The slick task management application Nitrotasks has been updated with a raft of new features and improvements. Alongside a new 'linux' theme that respect a users GTK theme comes additional integration with Ubuntu's Unity desktop.

22 June 2012
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Handy Notes App ‘Nitro’ Adds UbuntuOne Sync

Handy note-taking app NitroTasks has added task syncing support in its latest release. The feature uses Ubuntu One or Dropbox to 'sync' your to-do lists across all of your computers on which Nitro is installed.

22 May 2012
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Nitro Tasks App Adds App Menu Support, Sleeker Settings

The slick task management tool Nitro has added a few new features. APp menu Support, Keyboard shortcuts and even a teasing preview of its long-wanted Sync feature. More details and download instructions sit on inside.

27 April 2012
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Task App ‘Nitro’ Adds Theme Support

Theming support has landed in the the latest release of our new favourite task/to-do manager Nitro. Eight themes are included in all, with skins for Ubuntu's Ambiance and Radiance themes likely to be of particular interest to Ubuntu users.

16 April 2012
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Task Management App ‘Nitro’ Debuts on Ubuntu

New 'task list' apps aren't high on the 'to-do' list of many developers these days; Linux has more than its fair share of them. But the developers of Gradiator are hoping that there is still a little bit of room left to be squeezed out of this crowded market place for their recently launched tasks app 'Nitro'.

7 April 2012