Music streaming service Spotify has today launched a new feature for bloggers, website owners, and any one with a plot of land on the web – the Spotify Play Button.

The Spotify Play Button lets you embed any song, album or playlist from Spotify onto your website – letting others play it back ‘instantly, legally and for free’. The caveat being that listeners will need to have the Spotify desktop client installed.

Essentially the Spotify Play button is nothing more than an eye-catching version of the readily-available Spotify URLs that are currently pasted around the web.

But that’s no bad thing.

Spotify is a great service, they provide a native Linux client that works with free accounts and update it at a respectable pace too.


Playlists, single tracks, or entire albums can be ’embedded’ as a button:

The buttons themselves can be configured size-wise:

And ‘style wise’. Choose between a light or dark theme; set either a cover-flow style look or plain list.

Spotify’s Gustav S. sells the concept well: –

“You want to give your fans access to any song, album or playlist of your choosing and in its entirety, while ensuring people stay glued to your site. The Spotify Play Button does all of this for free, while making sure artists get paid for every play.”

And by teaming up with a massive glut of web services, sites, and blogs – which includes Tumblr, Pitchfork, The Independent, and The Huffington Post – there’s every chance that you’ll be seeing this button all over the web in the coming months.

For more information on the Spotify Play Button hit the non-Spotify Play button below.

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