Unity 5.8 landed in Ubuntu 12.04 this weekend – but what’s new and what’s improved? Let’s take a quick gander…

The Music Lens has added support for Rhythmbox:

The Dash now tells you when it can’t find a file, app or folder related to a search: –

Dash 'no results' text added to Unity

The HUD now adapts to your Launcher auto-hide and icon-size settings: –

Calling the HUD also uses a slightly slicker animation: –

An initial version of Ubuntu Software Center/Unity Launcher integration appears in this release. The ‘full version’, as demoed below, is expected to arrive in Unity 5.10.

Multi-Monitor Improvements

Following our recent poll run in tandem with the Ubuntu Design Team on how best to deploy the Unity Launcher on multi-monitor screens, a new option has been added to the Displays settings pane that lets you choose whether a launcher is shown on screen or all.

Also making its debut is a toggle for enabling/disabling ‘Sticky Edges’ for the Launcher on multi-monitor set-ups.

Misc Changes

Other changes appearing in this release include: –

  • Minor tweaks to UI of Dash (alignments, spacing, etc)
  • Improved ‘chameleonic’ colouring of items, including NotifyOSD bubbles
  • ‘Arrow’ keys navigation of Alt+Tab
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

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