Disable Apps for Download in Unity

“How poor are they that have not patience!” wrote Shakespeare.

Admittedly he wasn’t writing about critics of Ubuntu’s Unity interface but it’s more than applicable.

In a move that will please a lot of users Ubuntu 12.04 has added the option to disable the “Apps available for Download” pane in Unity.

The suggestion pane – or ‘suggestion bane’ as I someone once referred to it – irritated users for a variety of reasons, the most common of which was that it simple ‘took up space’.

Disabling it in Precise

There isn’t a pretty checkbox (at least not yet) to disable the feature. You will first need to install dconf-tools from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

After this launch dconf-editor and uncheck the ‘display-available-apps’ box under desktop>unity>lenses>applications. The change will take effect immediately.

Disable Apps for Download in Unity via dconf

The option should prove adequate remedy to those who find themselves continually clicking on an application result in the Dash only to have the Software Centre pop open.

Will you be disabling it in Ubuntu 12.04?

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