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So long Agora Pro – you were the prettiest Ubuntu laptop around.

Australian electronics company Kogan has ‘no plans‘ to re-introduce Ubuntu-based netbooks, laptops or net-tops to their product range, a spokesman has told OMG! Ubuntu!.

The company, whose Ubuntu 11.04-toting Agora Pro laptop received a glut of positive reviews, have quietly withdrawn all of their Ubuntu-based hardware from sale over the last few months.

With the recent increase in hardware companies shipping Ubuntu pre-installed Kogan’s decision is a curious one.

The Ubuntu-powered Agora Pro laptop may have been 2-generations behind in the hardware department but it beat most Atom powered netbooks on the market in performance, price and looks.

American manufacturer CTL recently gave OMG! Ubuntu! a sneak preview at their forthcoming range of Ubuntu netbooks, notebooks and PCs.

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