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Kogan Ubuntu 11.04 laptop: the agora pro

Kogan Kill Ubuntu Laptop Line

Australian electronics company Kogan has 'no plans' to re-introduce Ubuntu-based netbooks, laptops or net-tops to their product range, a spokesman has told OMG! Ubuntu!

19 January 2012
CTL Ubuntu Lineup

A First Look at New Ubuntu Laptops and PCs from CTL

I had the opportunity yesterday to visit CTL Corp located in Portland, Oregon and sit down with Erik Stromquist, Executive VP and COO and Michael Tupper, Director of Business Development. The purpose of the visit was to get a highlight of CTL Corp's new Ubuntu Product initiative - and I was beyond excited.

10 January 2012
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CTL Announce Range of Ubuntu Laptops, PCs

CTL, a hitherto unheard of PC manufacturer, is launching a new range of notebooks with Ubuntu preinstalled. The hardy named, and hardy looking, CTLMB40U laptop boasts an entry level spec-setup that should suit the needs of your typical computer user:

24 December 2011