CTL Ubuntu Lineup

I had the opportunity yesterday to visit CTL Corp located in Portland, Oregon and sit down with Erik Stromquist, Executive VP and COO and Michael Tupper, Director of Business Development.

The purpose of the visit was to get a highlight of CTL Corp’s new Ubuntu Product initiative – and I was beyond excited.

Erik Stromquist showed me their new MB40U Ubuntu Notebook which comes in a glossy black finish and is powered by Intel’s Core-i 2nd Generation Processors and comes built with the specific specs you require.

MB40U CTL notebook

In addition to the MB40U CTL has a Valeo XN100U Desktop product which also runs Ubuntu and they will soon be adding a rugged Netbook (pictured below, top) and another notebook that looks very similar to the Ultrabook product that has a slim profile and will sell for under $300 yet with all the power you would expect of a costlier notebook.

Rugged Netbook

Here is a video of Erik Stromquist giving a highlight of their initiative during my visit to CTL Corp:

Editorial Hardware Video ctl laptop ubuntu