Lightweight music players are two a penny under GNOME but for Kubuntu? Not so much.

Juk is a lightweight Qt music player that puts less of a stress on system resources than Kubuntu’s default Amarok.

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Glenn, who asked us to give a shout out to the player, collected some stats on how the player pairs up against Amarok: –

  • Juk memory usage: 36 MB
  • Amarok memory usage: 76 MB
For space-conscious users the install size of both applications will be of interest: –
  • Juk size: 1.6 MB
  • Amarok size: 32.6 MB

Juk features

In application speak ‘Lightweight’ is synonymous of ‘less features’, a trend Juk doesn’t buck.

You won’t find Last.FM scrobble support, Artist or Album browsing view, or a periphery of badly-integrated Internet metadata.

But you will find a set of handy playlist and collection tools, configurable interface, a tag editor (including with MusicBrainz integration), small notification pop-ups and a streamlined interface focused on just playing tracks rather than managing them.

Juk also comes with a neat cross-fade between tracks, as well as the usual bunch of playback options (repeat, shuffle, etc).


Juk can be installed from the Muon Software Centre in Kubuntu 11.10 or the Ubuntu Software Centre in Ubuntu 11.10.

Click here to install Juk

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