LibreOffice Bug HuntA two-day bug hunting session for LibreOffice 3.5 has been announced by The Document Foundation.

Developers and eagle-eyed users will come together on the 28th and 29th of December to test the upcoming major release of the open-source office suite.

TDF hope that the event will ‘make LibreOffice 3.5 the best free office suite ever.’

The event will be followed by a second bug hunting session in mid January.

Join In

The event is open to everybody, and the more eyes on the release the greater chance of bugs and issues being spotted before release. At the end of the event the LibreOffice Quality Assurance team will award the title of ‘Bug Hunting Hero’ to the person who has spotted and filed the highest number of bugs.

How to join in?

  • You need a Windows, Mac or Linux PC
  • You need to be running LibreOffice 3.5 Beta 1
  • You need to be capable of filing bugs, although support is available

More information can be found @

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