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Emesene 2.11.9 Adds In-App Theme, Plugin Downloads

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

A new version of MSN-dedicated chat client Emesene has been released.

Updated to version 2.11.9, Emesene sees ahandfulof new features andimprovements, including: –

  • In-app downloading of additional plugins and themes
  • Improved Plus! color parser
  • Improved version of papyon (the MSN library)
  • ‘ContactManagement’ (read: Privacy List) for MSN
  • Custom emoticon fixes
  • Almost200bug fixes
Emesene plugin downloads

Before you get too excited about the notion of in-app theme downloading I should say that whilsta bunch of themes are available,including’Ambiance’, ‘Radiance’ and ‘Faenza’, they are not entirely noticeableonce applied: –

Yep that's faenza


Emesene 2.11.9 is not yet available via the Emesene Stable PPA, but can be downloaded in .zip form @, once extracted, it can be run from the folder.

Do bear in mind that whilst the Emesene 2.x series is the only currently supported/developed version of Emesene it should still be considered beta-quality software.