Lubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 has been released.

Lubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 desktop

As a development release Lubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 is not recommended for everyday use or installation on systems with important data (like your list to Santa, your best man speech or your 3/4 completed game of Braid.)

Lubuntu Alpha 3 is, for the very first time, available to download from the Ubuntu server: –

Note: the Lubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 CD Image is over-sized.

New in Alpha 3

  • The latest updates of core LXDEcomponents
  • A switch to xfce4-power-manager for power management
  • ‘pidgin-microblog’ is installed as the Microblogging client

Known issues in Alpha 3

Amongst bugs and issues affecting Alpha 3 are ‘Missing icons from various menus (see image) and panel applets;the installation of Gwibber by default; indicators are missing from the LXPanel; and GTK3 applications lack a theme.

missing icons in Lubuntu menus is a known bug of Alpha 3


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