With todays news that Google’s Chrome web browser hasovertaken Firefox as the second most used web-browser in the UKIturned to OMG! Ubuntu!’s visitor stats for UK Linux users to see if, here at least, that trend is also reflected.

Obvious proviso out of the way: this is not intended to be a like for like comparison, and by being is based only on visits to OMG! Ubuntu! is not likely indicative of wider trends with browsers on Linux, or elsewhere.

But stats are always interesting, and with almost 80% of our millions of monthly visitors using Linux, it’s fun to spot trends and notice usage patterns.

In the graph above, which only shows Uk visits made using Chrome and Firefox, it’s evident that the lateMarch release of Firefox 4 boosted Mozilla’s market share amongst our Linux visitors. The change is rather dramatic during March, with an almostinstantaneousleap-frog in usage coming at the expense of Chrome.


But what about world wide? Is the trend the same for all vistors to OMG! Ubuntu!? That answer is yes: –

With Mozilla’s increased release cycle it will be interesting to note if the ‘novelty’ of new Firefox releases wears off, and whethersubsequentreleases of Chrome can stir the same kind of frenziedficklenessthat Firefox 4 brought.

I’ll revisit these stats in a month or two…

Poll time: Which browser do you use as your default in Ubuntu?

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