Cross-platform app launcher ‘Launchy’ might be a helpful tool for getting things done quickly, but the default theme it ships with doesn’t look allthat great in Ubuntu.

Thankfully we have a solution – Ubuntu user Maxime has created both an Ambiance and Radiance theme for theutility. And they look great: –

What is Launchy?

Launchy is an open-source, cross platform application launcher similar to GNOME Do. It can be ‘invoked’ by pressing theAlt + Space keys or by assigning a custom key-combo of your own.

Once Launchy is on the screen you just need to begin typing the name of the program or file you wish to open (see image above). As you type each letter of the nameLaunchydisplays various possible matche. When you see the app or file you want a hit of the Enter/return keyopensit straight away.

Options for specifying the folder searched, the file types and frequency of catalog-rebuilding are amongst those available.

Admittedly Ubuntu 11.04 has a “Launchy” of its own that works in the same way – The Dash – but for Ubuntu fans of this particular application these themes demand to be tried.


Launch 2.5 can be downloaded for 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu @

Maxime’sthemes can be downloaded from his DeviantArt page


To install the skins first extract them from the .zip archive they are downloaded in. Open a root Nautilus window in the Launchy Skins directory: –

  • gksu nautilus /usr/share/launchy/skins/

Move the ‘Ambiance’ and ‘Radiance’ folders into this location.

Launchy skins directory

Select your chosen theme using Launchy’s preferences window.

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