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Music to My Eyes: An Ubuntu Skin for Spotify

Spotify fan Kurko has tweaked a few of the artwork assets used by the application toolbar so that it better matches the rest of the Ubuntu desktop.

9 June 2013
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Ambiance and Radiance Themes for App Launcher ‘Launchy’

Cross-platform app launcher 'Launchy' might be a helpful tool for getting things done quickly but the default theme it ships with doesn't look all that great in Ubuntu. Thankfully we have a solution - Ubuntu user Maxime has created both an Ambiance and Radiance theme for the utility. And they look great...

18 August 2011

Opera Introduces New ‘Featherweight’ Skin, Brings Subtle Interface Changes

Opera Software have shown off the first phase of 'Project Featherweight' - a new initiative designed to refine and improve the interface of the Opera web browser.

22 June 2011