The design overhaul of the Ubuntu Software Centre many had hoped would land in Ubuntu 11.10 is seeming unlikely.

One of several Ubuntu Software Centre Designs proposed for 5.0
One of Several Ubuntu Software Centre Designs Proposed for version 5.0

In a recent Ubuntu Desktop Team meeting, where aspects, changes and progess on the Ubuntu desktop are discussed by developers, Software Centre developer Gary Lasker was asked if the new USC design would be ready in time for the release of Ubuntu Alpha 3.

Lasker responded:

“Nope, Mainly trying to catch up some work items this week [so it’s] still to early to tell for sure, but I would tend to think it won’t as default, I mean.”

He was then asked if the design changes will instead be aimed for inclusion in Ubuntu 12.04. Lasker replied: –

“Heh, well, it’s not ruled out yet for [Ubuntu 11.10], but it’s a lot of changes. Probably perky, I guess I’m saying”

The good news is that the USC in Ubuntu 11.10willbe getting new feature, if not a new look.

The “incumbent” Software Centre is said to work well under GNOME 3.


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