Improvementsto Ubuntu’s Overlay Scrollbars for 11.10 have been shown off by the Ubuntu Design team.

We touched lightly on some of theimprovementsseveral days back,but the following video by Andrea Cimitan, the lead developer of the Scrollbars, shows many of these tweaks in action.

Amongst the changes on show are: –

  • ‘Thumb’ delays
  • Animated scrolling
  • New ‘Squared’ thumb shape to match other UI elements
  • ‘Visualconnection’ to the overlay scrollbar

Why no sexy scrollbars in Firefox/Chromium/XYZ App?

Not every application currently supports overlay scrollbars. Amongst the toolkits that need to implement them are XUL, Qt and Chromium.

If you can help implement them into one of the above toolkits, or have questions relating to doing so, contact Andrea Cimitan.

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