UnityMail is a small Launcher-based mail-alert app for Ubuntu 11.04 capable of displaying the number of unread messages in your inbox.

UnityMail in Ubuntu 11.04 showing the quicklist and number of unread mails

UnityMail also has Unity Quicklist support, with a menu containing easy links for composing new messages and accessing your inbox by right-clicking on the launcher icon.

Account configuration & security concerns

UnityMail works with GMail or any other IMAP-supported webmail account. It also supports the use of multiple accounts.

Accounts are added to UnityMail by editing a hidden configuration file in your Home folder – ./config/unity-mail.conf – with a text editor, adding your account username, password and server address.

UnityMail saves your account details in plaintext. This means your password is kept with no encryption or added security – someone could simply open the .unity-mail.conf‘ file and read your password straightaway.

With this in mind I would suggest anyone eager for Unity-based mail alerts to try out Postler, Thunderbird or Evolution before considering UnityMail.


UnityMail is currently in Beta, so if you’re tempted to try it out do expect bugs. UnityMail is available for Ubuntu 11.04 only and can be installed from the developer’s PPA:

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