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How To Install Unity Mail on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Unity Mail — does the name ring a bell? It might. This small app let you see the number of unread messages in your Gmail (or other webmail) account on the Unity launcher without the (comparative) hassle of setting […]

9 September 2016
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See Unread GMail Count on Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher

My favourite 'app' of the moment is Unity Mail - a small Unity Launcher-based app that tells you how many unread messages you have in your GMail inbox.

16 August 2011
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‘UnityMail’ Shows Unread GMail Count on Ubuntu Unity Launcher

UnityMail is a small Launcher-based mail-alert app for Ubuntu 11.04 capable of displaying the number of unread messages in your inbox. It also has Unity Quicklist support, with a menu containing easy links for composing new messages and accessing your inbox by right-clicking on the launcher icon.

19 June 2011