Further progress on the Linux port of indie-game service ‘Desura’ has been shown off by Desura’s Linux engineer Keith Poole.

Posting the screenshots as part of an update on Desura for Linux, Poole shows off several screenshots, including a ‘nearly fully functioning login form’: –

Login Form w Avatar

and a ‘Main form sans web interface’ – complete with buggy tab and button themes

Main Form w Avatar Fixed

Desura for Linux ‘definitely’ happening

In his short update Poole also took time to allay misplaced fears that Desura for Linux could yet fail to materialise, saying: –

“…let me confirm this now: we’re definitely working on Desura Linux, and I’m doing everything in my power to make it happen soon!

“For those of you that doubt there’s a strong enough Linux gaming community to justify it, just go have a look at the Humble Bundle graph. Not only are these guys amazing developers who make great games, but they are doing some great things to support multi-platform DRM-free indie gaming!”

For an extra picture, along with details on technical issues encountered in the creation of Desura for Linux, head to desura.com/groups/linux-gamers/news/desura-linux-development-we-have-ui

Nate W, via TipForm

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