The current look of the Ubuntu Software Centre isn’t as great as it could be. Department buttons are small, promoted items lack any information, and the general style of the centre just pales in comparison to other application stores.

Although plans are afoot to improve it for the next release of Ubuntu due in October, with faster start-up times, refined visuals, larger icons, and Unity Launcher integration all mooted for inclusion, DeviantArtist ~fuzzynoise took pixel to canvas to mock-up his ideal vision of how the Software Centre should look…

It doesn’t differ too greatly from what is already there; it simply makes the ‘featured apps’ section more prominent and eye-catching, with tabs for switching between feature, ‘new’ and ‘recommended’. The addition of an application ‘description’ within the promoted space is particularly sweet to see; I hate having to click-through to an applications’ install page to find out what it actually is.

The ‘department’ buttons remain small and non-touch friendly, and the side-bar, which has been suggested for hiding/removal in the next iteration of the software centre, remains on show here.


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