The Unity Launcher in Ubuntu 11.04 provides has some great features for developers to take advantage of, resulting in nifty, neat and useful applications that are far more that ‘just’ an application launcher.

Such as ‘UnityOne’ – a neat UbuntuOne file uploader applet for the Unity Launcher.

The developer of the applet, Jeff S., mailed in to tell us about it: –

“Hello OMG! ubuntu! I just wanted to let you guys know that I have made a little applet for the unity launcher that I like to call “UnityOne”, that makes it so that when you to drag a file/folder over the UnityOne icon, it puts whatever you dragged over it into your ubuntu one folder.”

The applet supports over 100 different file types, and even has its own icon.


The applet is packaged up in a .zip archive which can be downloaded at the link below.

You will need to extract it into your home folder for it to work properly. To install the blue icon just double-click the file that says “install icon”.

Add it to your Launcher by dragging the “UnityOne.desktop” file from the extracted folder and onto the Unity Launcher . You can then drag and drop files onto it to have them placed in your Ubuntu One folder and, assuming you have it set up, synced with your Ubuntu One account.

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