Lightweight download manager ‘Steadyflow’ has been updated with support for Ubuntu 11.04, a ‘time indicator’ and the ‘ability to run.. a command when a download completes.’

The elementary-styled application can be installed from the developers – Maia Kozheva – PPA, which provides packages for Ubuntu 10.10, 11.04 and initial support for 11.10.

Support for Ubuntu 10.04 has been dropped due to internal changes, as Maia writes on her blog: –

“Under the hood, the code has been fixed to build with Vala 0.12 and either the old or new libnotify, and dropped the deprecated dbus-glib in favor of GDBus. The latter means that it won’t build on Lucid anymore since it requires GLib 2.26 functionality. “

To install, add ‘ppa:sikon/steadyflow‘ to your system sources, update and then install ‘Steadyflow‘ from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Source: lucidfox

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