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Steadyflow, Firefox 5 Beta, Psensor get updated, released

It's typical: I take the weekend off and a load of great application updates slip out. So read on for a super-concise over-view of what came out, what it consisted of and, most importantly, how you can get it.

23 May 2011
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SteadyFlow download manager gets updated for Natty, adds subtle improvements

Lightweight download manager 'Steadyflow' has been updated with support for Ubuntu 11.04, a 'time indicator' and the 'ability to run a command when a download completes.'

8 May 2011
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Steadyflow dowload manager 0.1 released

The first formal release of new minimal download manager Steadyflow is now available for users to download. Version 0.1 of the GTK+ applications sees support for: – Pausing, resuming, and restarting downloads Search/filter box Optional […]

17 September 2010
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Steadyflow download manager aims to look good, work better

Ever felt that your desktop has been bereft of a modern and capable download manager? Maia Kozheva felt the same and decided it was time to do something about it... Meet Steadyflow.

13 September 2010