Do you use a ‘picture’ for your user account? Most don’t, but I find that it makes using Ubuntu a weeny bit more personable at log-in time.

Ubuntu ships with a healthy heap of choices, but if they don’t do it for you the following avatars, bound for Chrome OSand uncoveredby thefolks over at Chrome OS Story, just might.

The set of 18 images – 17 ‘faces’ and one ‘guest’ image – are the ‘default’ pack of avatars for user accounts in Chrome OS. The non-photographic nature of them might not suit everybody, but I think they’re really darn cute.

chrome os avatars

Download them

To set one as your login avatar mouse up to the ‘Me Menu’ and choose ‘About me’. In the window that opens click on the square next to your name and navigate to the image you wish to use.

Story, top image viachromestory

Download Idea
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