The days might be clicking closer to April 28th but the number of bug fixes and visual tweaks continue to come apace.

Below sits a listing of some of the user-noticeable and pretty neat changesthat have landed over the last few days. It’s by no means exhaustive or concise.

Terminal Changes

The Terminal now sports adark theme in both tab colouring and scroll bar. This is matches the colour-matched ‘resize grip’ stepper on the bottom of the windows. Radiance users will notice no difference.

Dash hover icon

Minor, for sure, but the new ‘scrabble tile’ style icon is much prettier than the previously included ‘transparent grid’ effect.

Home button change

During the last few months the ‘home’ icon on the Unity Launcher has had various looks. The latest -and likely final – iteration is the simplest: the home folder icon.

Hide and Peek

The Unity launcher behaviour changeswe broke news of late last week have landed. The Unity Launcher now reveals upon mousing on the left of the screen and holding for a split second.

The ‘Appearance Properties’ entry for configuring the reveal has not, as of writing this, landed.

GTK+ Chrome/ium theme

Finally. FINALLY:The “bug” behind thoseturgidorange borders Ambiance GTK users found in Chrome/ium by default has been fixed, with the browser now displaying an Ambiance-integrated dark grey by default, with an equally matched Radiance version also available.

Chrome theme change in Ubuntu 11.04

Greyed out, not faded out

Finally, when invoking the Dash or a Lens the Unity Launcher is desaturated (all icons lose their colour). This replaces the previous ‘approach’ of making the launcher and its icon almost invisible when using the Dash/Lens, leading to some testers confused as to whether or not it was still accessible.


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